Apple switching to Intel

Steve Jobs announced at the WWDC keynote today that Apple is switching to Intel processors. For years, rumors of Apple’s wish to jump to Intel have been circulating. But two weeks ago, analysts were skeptical when The Wall Street Journal reported that Intel and Apple were in negotiations.
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Oriental Fire-bellied Toad. Bombina orientalis

Oriental Fire-bellied Toad

Scientific Name: Bombina orientalis


Reaching The Point Of Acceptance

In October 1985, North Carolina veterinarian William Martin signed up for a class offered by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. It consisted of a four-day course once a month for four months and a certification test at the end. The first part of the course covered the Chinese history and theory ofacupuncture, including yin and yang, the different meridians and alarm points, he explains. “This did not relate at all to veterinary medicine that I had learned in the Western world.” It was so foreign, in fact, that while traveling home after that first session, Martin decided he would drop out of the course. Upon his return, he learned that his 5-year-old Miniature Dachshund had been paralyzed for five days with an intervertebral disc problem. His associate had tried the typical Western treatment, but the dog’s condition had not improved. “I immediately thought I would really test the acupuncture stuff, so I called one of the teachers that I had met at the school,” Martin relates. (more…)


How to care for Typhlonectes natans

Typhlonectes natans is an aquarium pet and needs similar care to that of fish. (more…)


Young Lizard Care

After hatching, the young lizards should be placed in a tank (not with the parents or any other animals that may eat them). Make the set up appropriate for the species of lizard. Their egg tooth will fall off a few days after hatching. The hatchlings must slowly adjust to their parents’ climate. There is no reason to keep them warmer. (more…)


Common Snakes FAQ

With proper care, most common snakes (Kingsnakes, milk snakes, rat snakes, etc.) can be maintained with great success, and will live many healthy years in captivity. Without a good understanding of the needs of these animals, however, even the most w ell intentioned beginning snake keeper is doomed to failure; an experience disappointing to the keeper as well as unfair to the animal. (more…)


Reaching The Point Of Acceptance: About the Authors

We barely have scratched the surface of this complex and controversial subject. We hope you take away from this article the following: (more…)


Feeding The Arthritic Dog

Another health condition you should consider when forming a feeding strategy is arthritis. We include a weight-reduction program in this section because excess weight only exacerbates the problems associated with geriatric arthritis. You still should feed a high-protein, good-quality food, just not as much of it. You can “extend” a food for satiety purposes with the addition of low-calorie vegetables such as green beans. (more…)