Typhlonectes natans. The Caecilian Worm

The caecilian worm, Typhlonectes natans, is a member of the Order Apoda, a highly specialized group of tropical burrowing amphibians. Members of this order are characterized by the abscence of legs and tails. Despite being burrowers, these “worms” are some of the most readily available amphibians. They are sold in almost every pet store that carries fish. You may have seen them in a tank listed as “rubber eels” or “rubber worms”–“Sicilian worms” is another common name. (more…)


Typhlonectes Natans FAQ

Typhlonectes Natans is a type of caecilian found in the aquarium trade in the US. They make good aquarium pets. T. Natans is the abbreviation. They are an amphibian from the Amazon tributaries and other rivers in South America. The whole species name is: Gymnophiona Typhlonectes Natans. The word Typhlonectes is used to refer to aquatic Caecilians from South America. (more…)


How to care for Typhlonectes natans

Typhlonectes natans is an aquarium pet and needs similar care to that of fish. (more…)