Boa Breeding

I have had a pair of boa constrictors that I got as hatchling for a while and now I am interested in trying my luck at breeding. This will be my first try at breeding any reptiles and I really want to start off on the right foot. (more…)


Reaching The Point Of Acceptance: Take an Eastern Perspective

To understand the basics of acupuncture it is important to comprehend the tradition out of which it developed. Animals and humans are viewed in traditional Chinese medicine as tiny parts of an infinite universe, subject to laws that govern all living and nonliving things. The fundamental concept is that an animal or person who follows these general laws of nature will reap the benefits of good health. (more…)


Green Anole. Anolis carolinensis

green anole anolis carolinensis
Scientific Name: Anolis carolinensis

Other Common Names: American Anole, American Chameleon, Carolina Anole, Red-throated Anole

Total Length: 5-8 inches

Range: North Carolina to Florida, and then west into Texas and the West Indies.


3 Tips to Maximize iPod Battery Life

1. Turn off Backlight — The most resource intensive mechanism in the iPod (except the shuffle for obvious reasons; and the hardrive in the 30GB and 60GB iPod is probably a different case) is the backlight so turning it off or even minimizing the amount of time it stays lit to two or five seconds can increase your iPod’s battery life. Head onto Settings > Backlight Timer > Off (more…)