Box Turtle Egg Incubator

Things you will need:

  1. 10 gallon tank
  2. Plastic container with lid
  3. Vermiculite
  4. Submersible fish tank heater
  5. Two bricks
  6. Glass jar
  7. Two thermometers
  8. Heat lamp
  9. Spray bottle
  10. Heavy blanket

Steps you will follow:

  1. Get a clean 10 gallon tank and place two bricks on the bottom of it. The space between the two bricks should be about the same as the plastic shoe box’s width.
  2. Punch small holes on the bottom of the plastic container.
  3. Fill the plastic container with vermiculite mixed with water deep enough to burry 3/4 of each egg. Make sure it is very moist. Leave some vermiculite under the eggs to prevent the eggs from touching the bottom of the container. (If you are using a plastic veggie drawer, line it with paper towels before putting the vermiculite in.)
  4. Place a thermometer on each side of the plastic container. This makes sure that all sections in the container are the correct temperature.
  5. Fill the glass jar up with water, making sure that the water is high enough that it covers the entire heater. Set the temperature on the heater to the 85 degrees. The size of the jar depends on the size of the heater.
  6. Place the container on top of the two bricks.
  7. Fill the tank with 1/4-1/2 in. of water.
  8. Put the heavy blanket on top of the tank leaving one corner uncovered. This creates darkness and keeps the temperature consistant.
  9. Place heat lamp on the outside of the tank facing one end.
  10. Spray fine mist every day.

Steps you will follow:

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California Newt. Taricha torosa

California Newt Taricha torosa

Scientific Name: Taricha torosa

Other Common Names: Pacific Coast Newt, Western Newt


Fortify The Food Bowl For The Aging Canine

Although owners often may feel helpless as they witness the effects of aging on their geriatric canine companions, the fact is they have several occasions to make a difference. For example, every time your older dog comes to the sound of the can opener or the food scoop, you have an opportunity to impact its health and well-being. The choices made during feeding time, including the amount and kind of food and the supplements (if any) chosen to augment the diet, can enhance a dog’s ability to deal with the conditions of aging. (more…)