Taming the Beast

A quiet lizard sitting in your lap enjoying all the attention you bestow upon it. A gigantic snake that enjoys riding swung over your neck. Dangerous looking monitors who can be carried around like a baby or walked down the street on leash. That is what many reptile keepers hope each time that they purchase their next reptile. So how do you help ensure that you are successful in taming and training your pet? (more…)


Eastern Box Turtle. Terrapene carolina

Eastern Box Turtle

Scientific Name: Terrapene carolina

Total Length: 4.5 – 6 inches


Reaching The Point Of Acceptance: What Can Be Treated?

Acupuncture, in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine or the body of Western medicine, may be considered supportive or adjunct therapy for a vast array of other conditions. Notice of the procedure’s versatility was boosted with tests of its effectiveness in humans. The University of California, Los Angeles, conducted the Acupuncture Research Project from 1973 to 1980. When the study began it was viewed as little more than a curiosity-until the findings started trickling in. (more…)


Mediterranean Gecko. Hemidactylus turcicis.

Mediterranean Gecko

Scientific Name: Hemidactylus turcicis

Other Common Name: Turkish Gecko

Islands and coastal regions of the Mediterranean islands, southwestern Asia, southward to Kenya in Africa, and eastward to India. They’ve also been introduced to southeast U.S. and Mexico. (more…)