Reaching The Point Of Acceptance: Take an Eastern Perspective

To understand the basics of acupuncture it is important to comprehend the tradition out of which it developed. Animals and humans are viewed in traditional Chinese medicine as tiny parts of an infinite universe, subject to laws that govern all living and nonliving things. The fundamental concept is that an animal or person who follows these general laws of nature will reap the benefits of good health. (more…)


Grooming Your Dog: Getting Started

One of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of routine care for pet dogs is grooming. Every dog requires some sort of grooming on a regular basis, though the effort required for each individual varies from breed to breed. Learning to maintain your dog’s healthy appearance is an important step in ensuring that it lives a happy, comfortable life with you. (more…)


Reaching The Point Of Acceptance: What Can Be Treated?

Acupuncture, in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine or the body of Western medicine, may be considered supportive or adjunct therapy for a vast array of other conditions. Notice of the procedure’s versatility was boosted with tests of its effectiveness in humans. The University of California, Los Angeles, conducted the Acupuncture Research Project from 1973 to 1980. When the study began it was viewed as little more than a curiosity-until the findings started trickling in. (more…)


Fortify The Food Bowl For The Aging Canine

Although owners often may feel helpless as they witness the effects of aging on their geriatric canine companions, the fact is they have several occasions to make a difference. For example, every time your older dog comes to the sound of the can opener or the food scoop, you have an opportunity to impact its health and well-being. The choices made during feeding time, including the amount and kind of food and the supplements (if any) chosen to augment the diet, can enhance a dog’s ability to deal with the conditions of aging. (more…)


Reaching The Point Of Acceptance: How Does It Work?

Now that we’ve explored the philosophy behind acupuncture and some of those theories in practice, you may be wondering about the science behind the technique and if there is any clinical evidence of efficacy that will withstand modern Western scrutiny. The answer is a qualified “yes.” Some modern practitioners feel that at its most basic level, acupuncture is applied neurophysiology. (more…)


Cancer Causes “Wasting”

Besides changing energy and protein requirements, you also need to consider any health conditions from which your dog suffers, because they can alter its nutritional needs. For example, even long before any symptoms of cancer appear, subtle changes occur in how the affected animal metabolizes carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. These metabolic alterations are called cachexia. (more…)


Reaching The Point Of Acceptance

In October 1985, North Carolina veterinarian William Martin signed up for a class offered by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society. It consisted of a four-day course once a month for four months and a certification test at the end. The first part of the course covered the Chinese history and theory ofacupuncture, including yin and yang, the different meridians and alarm points, he explains. “This did not relate at all to veterinary medicine that I had learned in the Western world.” It was so foreign, in fact, that while traveling home after that first session, Martin decided he would drop out of the course. Upon his return, he learned that his 5-year-old Miniature Dachshund had been paralyzed for five days with an intervertebral disc problem. His associate had tried the typical Western treatment, but the dog’s condition had not improved. “I immediately thought I would really test the acupuncture stuff, so I called one of the teachers that I had met at the school,” Martin relates. (more…)


Reaching The Point Of Acceptance: About the Authors

We barely have scratched the surface of this complex and controversial subject. We hope you take away from this article the following: (more…)


Feeding The Arthritic Dog

Another health condition you should consider when forming a feeding strategy is arthritis. We include a weight-reduction program in this section because excess weight only exacerbates the problems associated with geriatric arthritis. You still should feed a high-protein, good-quality food, just not as much of it. You can “extend” a food for satiety purposes with the addition of low-calorie vegetables such as green beans. (more…)


Canine Groomer’s Glossary

the wealth of longish hair extending from the mane into the sides and under the neck and the frontal chest. Also known as “Biff” or “Ruff”, this coat characteristic is displayed by the Rough Collie and the Shetland Sheepdog.