Solomon Island Skink FAQ

Common Names

  • Solomon Island Skink
  • Monkey-tailed Skink
  • Prehensile-tailed Skink


– What should Solomon Island Skinks be fed? –

A basic diet for a Solomon Island Skink should include leaves, fruits, and vegetables. They will also take large snails, but these are not always safe due to widespread use of pesticides. Mulberry leaves, apples, kiwi, melons, berries, kale, spinach, and bananas are all favorites for the Solomon Island Skink.


– What type of housing is best for Solomon Island Skinks? –

A large terrarium, tall with plenty of room for branches for them to climb on is the most desirable setup. Ventilation on the sides usually works the best.
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– What type of substrate should be in the cage? –

As a floor covering in the terrarium, you can use gravel, moss, cork bark chips, dry leaves or nothing at all (since they stay on the branches almost all the time).

Cage Accessories

– What else should be in the cage? –

Places to hide can be constructed with wooden hide boxes, platforms, or plants. Don’t forget to include a place for hiding on the floor (box, hollow tree bark, or something like that).


– Do Solomon Island Skinks like to be handled? –

Solomon Island Skinks allow gentle handling and become more tame over time. Always support the skink from below, holding its belly. Reach slowly when reaching for the lizard. Do not pick it up by the tail…it will not come off, but the lizard may bite if you try it.


– Are Solomon Island Skinks very active? –

While most skinks are hyperactive, these animals are as slow as a sloth and you do not need to worry about them running away when trying to handle them.

Cage Temperature

– What temperature should the cage be maintained at? –

Maintain a daytime cage temperature of 80 to 90 degrees F. and nightime, around 65 degrees F. The temperature can go as low as 50 degrees F without harming the animal but, fluctuations out of the prime range should be avoided as much as possible.

Special Care

– Do Solomon Island Skinks need any special care? –

Yes, they should be misted with water in the morning and late afternoon every day.


– How should water be offered? –

Solomon Island Skinks may take water from a dish, but will more likely lick drops off of leaves and terrarium glass.


– Can I breed my Solomon Island Skink? –

Breeding of Solomon Island Skinks is HIGHLY unlikely in captivity. They usually only give birth in captivity if they were captured gravid.


What should I look for when selecting my Solomon Island Skink? –

When purchasing a Solomon Island Skink, you should pick it up and thoroughly examine it. Check for external parasites. Examine the armpits, groin and ear openings. Make sure it is relatively alert. Check to make sure the eyes and nostrils are clear. Make sure hip bones are not visible, it is a sign of malnourishment.


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