Panther Geckos (Paroedura pictus)

Panther Geckos
Panther Geckos (Paroedura pictus) are a nocturnal terrestrial species native to the drier portions of south and southwestern Madagascar. Habitats include dry forests, rocky savannas and even sand dunes. When not active, they find shelter under rocks, bark or burrow in the sand. Panther Geckos reach a length 5 to 7 inches when mature, with females being slightly smaller than males. A “banded” and a “striped” phase occur naturally and many other interesting variations are being selectively bred in captivity. The ground color of the body consists of various shades of brown with light tan, white or cream colored markings. Hatchlings tend to be chocolate brown with golden markings. These geckoss are insect feeders and are very prolific if maintained properly.

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