Habitat of Red Eared Sliders. Getting Started

So you finally have a turtle! Congratulations , lets start with the basics for the little guy. Tank and supplies. Below is a list of them which you will need to make your red eared sliders living area good and secure.

1) 30 gallon tank – The bigger the better. Red Eared Sliders are aquatic, therefore they love to swim. Supplying them with alot of area to swim means lesser water changes for you and more exercise for your turtle.

2) Basking Area – Since you have the tank and water, now you need a basking area. Red eared sliders need a place to dry off and catch some sun rays. Basking is very important for turtles. If they are submerged in water with no place to dry, they can develop shell rot and other diseases.

3) UVB Lighting – Now that they can bask, they need some light. Go to your local pet store and buy a UVB light. UVB provides your turtle with vitamin D3. This basically is very important and will prevent MBD (metabolic bone disease) and other deficiencies. The best UVB comes in fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent tubes do not give off any heat therefore you should use a zoo med Basking light too.
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Contains the highest amounts of both UVB and UVA wavelengths (according to an independent laboratory spectral analysis .) The UVB wavelength helps to prevent or reverse Metabolic Bone Disease in green iguanas as well as turtles in captivity. Strengthens and improves shell growth on all captive turtles and tortoises.
UVA wavelength increases appetite, physical activity, helps to induce reproductive behaviors and is beneficial to the psychological well-being of captive reptiles and amphibians.
Safer than adding powdered or liquid synthetic D3 supplements, as the UVB wavelength allows all reptiles the ability to regulate their own Vitamin D3 levels by endogenous synthesis as they would in nature! Eliminates the risk of vitamin D3 overdose (highly toxic) from synthetic sources.
Wavelength penetrates a full 10-12″ from the bulb’s surface. We use pure quartz glass sleeves.
The bulb’s UVA/UVB wavelength remains effective for 1 to 1-1/2 years. (Replace bulbs yearly).

4) FILTER – This is by far the most important piece of equipment you have to buy. DO NOT BE CHEAP, TRUST ME. I recommend the EXTERNAL CANISTER FILTERS such as the Fluval 403, 303, and 203. Turtles can be very messy and smelly if you do not change or treat the water! A big canister filter is the only way to go.

5) Heater – Buy a fully submergible heater and keep the water temp around 75′ to 80′.


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