Aquarium Heaters for turtles

Tronic cheaters onsistently achieve and maintain desired water temperature by means of its patented Thermal Sensor. Unlike other heaters Tronics state of the art sensor has NO moving components to stick or corrode. Tronic’s sensor rests on the glass of the heater tube allowing accurate temperature reading which is transmitted to Tronic’s advanced control circitry. Tronic is fully submersible and may be placed anywhere in the aquarium. When removed from water the patented Thermal Sensor triggers Tronic’s Automatic Safety Shut-Off. You can also buy a “Heater Guard” which will prevent the turtle from biting or cracking it with it’s shell.

[snip left][/snip]Proquatics Hydrosafe Heaters – These are the safest, most technologically advanced heaters available. A thin layer of thermosensitive carbon and organic resins allows for heat resistance that increases along with temperature, meaning that the unit cannot overheat; even if left out of the water. Hydrosafe Heaters should be mounted vertically, and submerged up to indicated level only. Thermostat remains accurately calibrated even if the knob is turned too far; and a digital temperature indicator allows accurate setting to within 1 degree Fahrenheit. Remember that the size of the heater you use is directly related to the size of the aquarium; a general rule is 50 watts per 10 gallons of aquarium capacity. They seem to work pretty good. I’ve had one in my RES tank for 2 years without any problems.

Visitherm Heaters – Double sealed heater is completely waterproof and submersible. Direct read Fahrenheit and Centigrade scale make pre-setting temperatures very simple. Marine design tolerates harsh tank conditions. This heater is super Durable. Great turtle heater

Acura 1000 Heater – Fully submersible, set it and forget it! Unique ratchet style temperature knob can’t be over wound. Heavy-duty heat and shock resistant glass tube. Easy to read red temperature indicator and on/off light.


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