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RL1 Reptile Incubator

RL1 Reptile Incubator

The RL1 Reptile Incubator was designed and manufactured with the serious herpetologist in mind, with the engineering and quality that has distinguished Lyon’s products over the years.

Clear acrylic construction assures excellent visibility of developing eggs. The RL1, as well as our other herpetological and bird incubators, are built with time tested, proven components and engineering which help to achieve and maintain a stable incubation environment eliminating the risk of outside drafts.

The RL1 incubator is controlled with a highly accurate solid state ten-turn temperature control. This unit also includes a secondary thermal wafer thermostat as a back-up over temperature protection device. This system features fan forced air circulation utilizing a computer quality muffin fan to create a unique “wall of air” on all four sides of the unit. An adjustable air intake system provides superior gas exchange between the inside and the outside of the incubation chamber.

The RL1 comes with two, one-inch lipped, powder coated sliding trays that can support up to four plastic hatching boxes, thus allowing air circulation to maintain uniform temperature inside the containers. Humidity is controlled by mixing water with the incubation medium. The unit comes equipped with a laboratory grade mercury thermometer accurate to approximately half a degree Fahrenheit.
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Features of the RL1 Reptile Incubator

  • Capacity : 40-45 python eggs, or equivalent for other species, depending on size of eggs.
  • The Deluxe RL1 includes four plastic boxes and enough vermiculite to be used as a medium.
  • Highly Accurate Solid State Temperature Control
  • Backup Thermal Wafer Temperature Control
  • Easy Access Sliding Incubation Trays
  • Fan Forced Air Circulation Adjustable Air Intake System

TX-R Reptile Incubator

TX-R Reptile Incubator

Ideal for hobbyists and breeders with small reptile egg sizes. Excellent visibility for egg development and hatching. Tens of thousands of domes in the field proven to be successful after years of use. Dome can be simply lifted off to add water or to check the eggs. Includes highly accurate solid state thermostat to control the temperature. Easy to use solid state thermostat and fan forced air creates warm stable environment for incubation. The Vermiculite container is placed on a stand to create an air blanket around it. It’s special reverse airflow creates a ” wall of air” inside the incubator to maintain the same temperature. Includes easy to read laboratory grade thermometer. This unit can be used for many types of reptile eggs including chameleons, snakes and turtles. Unit can be purchased with or without a vermiculite container. Just add water to the container to control the humidity. It can be easily converted to a bird incubator.

Features and Benefits

  • Great Visibility!
  • Highly Accurate Solid State Thermostat Control
  • Fan Forced Air Circulation
  • Easy To Read Thermometer
  • Quality and Durability

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