Bearded Dragon. Egg Hatching

Several days before your eggs begin to hatch you may notice some of them start to sweat. This is normal near the end of incubation and not a sign to worry or decrease the humidity this late into development. Once the dragon begins to break through the egg, you will notice a considerable dent or “collapse of the egg.” It will then proceed to pop his head through the egg and take his first breaths outside the egg. Once his head has emerged, the dragon will slowly begin to remove the rest of his body from the egg. The time this will take will vary from dragon to dragon. It is normal for a dragon to do this from as little as a couple ours or up to 24 hours or more.

Some dragons will spend a lot longer sitting inside their eggs then others. Do not attempt to remove them. Hatchlings will look extremely fatigued and lay their heads and bodies at strange angles making them appear to be “dead” or “dying.” This is normal and they are fine – just exhausted. They are only resting and gathering strength.

Once the hatchlings have completely removed themselves from their eggs we remove them to a separate plastic shoe box inside the incubator. In this shoebox we place damp paper towels and place the dragons in their for 24 to 48 hours. This gives them a chance to rest and adjust and absorb the rest of their egg yolk before being introduced to their new cages.
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