Pre-Breeding Conditions Bearded Dragon

Dragons typically will need a cool down period to help induce breeding. Although this is not always necessary, especially with yearling dragons, it is a good idea to help regulate their natal instincts. It will also help increase the fertility of your eggs and keep your dragons on a normal schedule. Many times dragons under a year old when paired together will breed right away without any type of cool down process. For older dragons, it’s a good idea to brumate them.

We brumate our dragons by turning off all heat lamps and reducing light periods to 6 to 8 hours a day. During the day the average cage temperatures falls to the mid 70’s and at night falls into the 60’s. We do this for about six weeks then return the dragons to their normal schedule and turn back on the heat lamps. It’s very important to offer water several times a week while brumating. Dragons will sleep most of this time and should not lose much weight if any at all. They will need access to water however so make sure you give it to them a few times a week.

Keep a close eye on your dragon. If you notice considerable weight loss you should remove your dragons from brumation and provide the necessary care. Healthy dragons should be able to brumate for six weeks with no problems and minimal weight loss. Once your dragons are returned to a normal schedule after brumation, make sure to provide the female (and male) with plenty of food so she can regain any weight loss and gain extra fat to sustain her through the egg laying process. Remember, the healthier and stronger the female, the better your chances are of successful breeding and healthy hatchlings.
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