She’s Gravid Now What?

Once your female has mated we strongly recommend separating her from all other dragons and giving her a cage of her own while she is gravid. It’s extremely important that she has access to high calcium foods and given plenty of space to bask and rest. Make sure you supplement her diet with calcium powder or even cuttlebones. You will notice a large increase in her appetite within a few days of successful mating. You will also notice a plumpness beginning to develop in her body. By the time she is ready to lay eggs she should be much rounder and plump then normal.

Often times if they eggs are fertile you will be able to feel them inside her belly. Gently pick up your dragon and roll your fingers softly on her belly. You should be able to feel small bumps inside which would be the eggs. Often times the dragons will “tighten” their bellies when you do this making it harder to feel. Normally after soaking the dragon for a few minutes in warm water you will be able to feel the eggs easier. Infertile eggs are often times hard to feel – even with soaking.
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