Bird Seed

Seed provide nutritious meals for birds and help provide fats for the birds’ bodies. Fat is used by the bird’s body to provide energy for activities. Proteins in seed help strengthen muscles. There is a variety of bird seeds and mixtures available to choose from on the market. Inexpensive seed mixtures are available but contain lots of filler seed that is not appealing to most wild birds.

[snip left][/snip]Black-oil sunflower seed
This seed is preferred by the widest variety of species. It is rich in fat and protein. The shell is thin and easy to open by small birds. Chickadees, titmice, cardinals, and nuthatches are among the popular feeder birds that favor black-oil sunflower seeds.

Striped sunflower
This seed has a large thick shell which makes it easy for birds with large bills to handle. It is rich in nutrients. This seed is preferred by jays, woodpeckers, cardinals, titmice and grosbeaks.

This seed is typically more expensive than sunflower, but is used when there is a problem with squirrels or blackbirds at the feeder. Safflower is a nourishing seed that is preferred by many birds but is disliked by squirrels and blackbirds.

White millet
Many ground-feeding species, such as juncos and sparrows, are attracted to white millet. Since the shell is hard it is less prone to rotting. White millet is generally preferred by birds over red millet.

Sunflower hearts
For a mess-free feeding using sunflower hearts. This seed provides birds with an effortless feeding since the shell is already removed. Preferred by most birds, especially finches and Pine Siskins.

Also known as niger seed, this will attract small finches such as
goldfinches, siskins, and redpolls and is unappealing to larger birds. There are feeders specifically designed for thistle seed.

Peanuts are available in hearts or whole shelled. They are rich in nutrients and preferred by larger birds such as woodpeckers, jays, nuthatchers and titmice. Also enjoyed by squirrels. Peanuts

Corn is appealing to birds also. Scattering cracked corn over the ground will invite doves, cardinals and jays to your feeding station. Also enjoyed by squirrels.
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